Sunday, April 28, 2013

Naked Outdoors

Good morning my dear friends!   Welcome to a wonderful Sunday!  At least I hope you are planning a wonderful day.  I'll be sitting here drinking  my morning coffee and reading all my favorite blogs.  This afternoon we are going to visit a sick friend at his place. This is a friend of Marc's, I really do not know him very well. Except that do remember him from one of those crazy pool parties last summer.  I remember that he had fucked William's BF in front of all of us.  I know some crazy guys... right?
        Yesterday was great. Rudy and I spent the afternoon at the nude beach watching all the variety of Dicks bouncing along the shore line. Later we met up with Marc at the Turkish baths.  Instead of just relaxing in a steam room.... I splurged and had a mud scrub.  If you have never had a full body mud scrub.... you have no idea what you are missing!  And to my great pleasure Marc and Rudy hit it off like they were old friends.       Later in the evening, Marc and I were at my place watching cable......
 Marc leaned over, and grabbed another beer and told me  "Your friend Rudy stuck his thumb in my butthole...... and I told him he could fuck me sometime. "  I told Marc to go for it, but I wanted to watch!
       since I had been naked most of yesterday, I think I will post some photos of guys enjoying themselves being nude outdoor.   If the weather is good where you life.... get your naked butt outside today!




  1. A very nice program which you tell us!
    As for at my home (in Lorraine, France), it makes grey and cold: the winter means taking the place of the spring, thus as if to having an experience outside we are going to forget!
    From my part it was a weekend sexually quiet, BUT I plan a self-abuse for the current of the evening!

  2. Sounds like a fun day for all. Hope Marc and Rudy get it on, seems like they like each other.

  3. happy to hear you had a wonderful time yesterday and as for going naked i think i'll leave that to my son i wouldn't want to scare the


  5. love all the nature shots :)-bob


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