Saturday, April 27, 2013

Butts & Balls for Saturday.

 Good morning friends!  I hope you are having a good day so far.  As always, I've got my coffee on the desk and one hand rubbing my Balls as I type this post.   You?  Got your Balls out?  Good! Go ahead and rub them.  They deserve it!  You gotta keep dem Balls happy and feeling good.
          Finally a Saturday off..... and the weather looks beautiful here today.  So the plans to go to the Nude beach are still on.  I did shave my balls last night and just lightly trimmed my Pubes since I'll be naked most of the day today.  I'm packing a little picnic to take along for The Silver Haired Guy and I for late lunch. ( Since it seems like I will be spending more time with this guy... I should give him a name... ah.... Rudy!  I like that!)  I fixed a cold Salmon Salad with Bacon & picked up tasty Smoked Gouda along with a baguette.  I'm going to take a thermos of Mimosas.   And some fresh Strawberries and a hunk of Dark Chocolate!  Sound good?      Later in the afternoon we are going to the Turkish Baths and meet up with Marc after he gets off from work.  All in all... I think it sounds like a great way to spend the day.
         These photos today are not naked guys at the beach.... just a few great shots of Butts and Balls!

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  1. enjoy your time at the beach don't forget your sunscreen wouldn't want any sunburns it sensitive places "wink"

  2. LOL my latest post is about the benefits of sunshine. Enjoy your day my friend. Oh and too Rudy too.

  3. Generally when I draft articles for my blog (where you are as usual welcome, as it is also for your friends and knowledge of your blog) I am dressed.
    It is only at about 9 pm when I can find myself in boxer!
    As if to rubbing me balls it varies according to the article which I realize because my blog aims to be diverse because diverse articles illustrate closely or remotely the various facets of my personality!

  4. Just what I needed to see today - lovely. ;)


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