Sunday, November 10, 2013

Damn I LOVE being Gay!

           Good afternoon my friends!   I don't remember when I posted something in the afternoon the last time.  I have good reason this time.   This old Queer here, went totally crazy last night and did not get back to my apartment until 7AM!   You regular readers know I like to have my Vodka, Well last night I started drinking Tequila shots with an old buddy who was in town for a few days.  He is about my age and we have fucked each other off and on for maybe 8 or 9 years.  But I have not seen him lately, as a mater of fact it has been almost 3 years.  So,,we had tons of catching up to do.  
         Some time after the 7th Shot,I get a call from Marc, he is horny and at a club and wants me to join him.  I tell him about my bud and we head over there. It is not far so we walk.  The club is teaming with sexy,shirtless guys bouncing to the music. There is so much testosterone in the air. you could cut it with a dildo!  My friend and I head straight to the back bar and have another shot as I look for Marc. 
       I see him over on the other side of the dance floor..he is with some guy who has his tongue down Marc's throat. We work our way over there just as the guy has his hands down Marc's pants.  Marc sees us and comes over and plants a super wet kiss smack on my lips. Introductions are done and we 4 head to the bar for more drinks. This guy that Marc is with has the most beautiful ass! But damn, he looks to be no more than 21!  
     So...we all are drinking and dancing (I have not danced in ages) And this 21 year old hottie whispers to me he wants "daddy to fuck me"  Holy Shit..I am now old enough to be called a daddy!
It is about 4:30 AM and the club closes at the 4 of us head out to the street and back to my friend's hotel room.   And...... yep, you guessed it.... Daddy fucked that boy!  And Marc got his too and my  friend got some also. 
    At some point we all fell asleep. Only to wake up all smelling like shit.  The 21 year old did not say anything,,,he just slipped on his jeans on and headed out the door. Marc was beginning to lick on my friend's Dick.... As I decided to head home.  
   I will talk to my friend tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like we both had an interesting night!

  2. Sounds like an awesome night! Bring gay is awesome! I doubt straight dudes have this much fun. In fact I know they don't. A straight buddy of mine was always complaining about how uptight women are, how hard it is to get laid or even a kiss, and he was jealous of how easy it was for me to get some.

  3. Day 2 of vacation. I have a feeling we're in store for many naughty stories this week!

  4. "Daddy"!!!!!! A well deserved and hard earned term...and glad you were able to fulfill his wish along with the other guys as well.....he will remember Nov 10 for least some of the night will be remembered, and the other may be imagined!!!

  5. great posts! love the toilet one-hope the guys did blumpkins for each other ;) great private moments


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