Thursday, December 26, 2013

After Brunch

          Good morning Friends!  I trust you all had a pleasant day yesterday.  We had a wonderful afternoon at brunch. The Bloody Mary's were plentiful and very yummy! And as usual, I ate way too much food.  I do not mind having a little belly now…but I fear it is time to begin to think about not letting it get any larger.  I was always on the thin size and was proud of how I was able to keep my weight down…but the past couple of years the belly has just grown a little!  The amazing thing to me is that these buddies of mine really seem to like my little Buddah Belly!
        After brunch, back at Waiter Guy's place, it was not too long before Waiter Guy and Marc were on top of each other as I sat in the corner with a friend of Waiter Guy and watched them just fuck away.   Damn how I enjoy these guys!  Who needs porn when you have friends like these?


  1. Damn!!! Two hot guys, enjoying each other, and you had the front row seat!!! Especially great knowing that you have enjoyed the pleasure, separately I think, of each of them. You knew just how good it felt to each of them!!! Amazing and so fucking hot!!! Wish I could experience that as well!!! (Know all your readers would jump at the chance to see them!)


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