Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lick my Ass

             Good morning sweet friends!   I know I say it all the time…. but thanks for taking the time to sit back and look at this little blog.  And let me take the time to welcome the new readers.  I hope you are sitting there with your pants down and letting your Dick get comfy.  For you new readers, that is one big rule here at Queer Heaven (both on the blog and in my apartment) the only clothes that are allowed is underwear.  No one wears clothes in my place.  So…. join the club and be undies only!
         I appreciate the comments and emails about yesterday's blog.  I get that some of you do not feel that being a sex worker is a good or healthy job to have.  But, there are many, many guys who fuck for a living and are not druggies, or homeless guys, or dirty dregs of life.  If you have been reading the blog for awhile you know that one of my oldest and besets friends is a rentboi.  He has a wonderful life… full of fun, money and travel.  And you might be surprised to find out that he is also a Buddhist Practitioner.  I know…. to most of you a Buddhist Whore is sort of an oxymoron.   But no…. he gives as much pleasure as he gets.  And he is sharing his Spiritual self with another human every time he does the deed with some lonely guy.  
   Ok…. enough of that heavy stuff… I am getting ready to head out to work soon…. I was going thru an old file and ran across theses butt and rimming photos that I do not remember posting before… so…..enjoy them!


  1. MMM, MMM, love me some ass play.

  2. tsk, tsk, tsk... We truly should make prostitution 100% legal in the entire country. The brothels in NV do quite well, the girls and guys (yes, there is one that offers men) are well cared for and tested weekly; they provide a service for those who can't get sex, or who can't get the kind of sex they want at home.
    Humans are above all sexual creatures, it is inborn and natural - why it is so frowned upon by so many is beyond me!
    Merry Christmas (again), Michael!

  3. MMMM Love to rim my partner's hot ass...have him sit on my face, or bend over...both ways are a thrill to me!!!

  4. thanks for the rear posts! i'd clean all the fingers;0 beautiful holes ;) you made my xmas!

  5. on my knees to #1 beautiful assholes to view


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