Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bums & Balls for Thursday

             Holy Fuckin Shit!  You really want to do this with him again?  
 Why not? He wants your Dick up his ass. 
 He said that?  Yeah.... you had fun last time, right? 
 Sure did..but I thought his wife was causing problems for you. 
 I don't care about that bitch!
  If you are ok with it..then my dick is ready to play. 
 I knew you would say that.
 Where and when? 
 Well...he lost the condo, so he has rented a hotel suite on the Ocean. He said Friday after work he will be checking in. He has the place till Sunday afternoon. 
 Cool.... I am gonna get totally wasted! 
 You doing anything tonight? 
 I need my balls  shave and my pubes trimmed.  
 I'll stop by your place after work and do them for you. 
 Great.... you are a real friend!


  1. The guy's wife needs to chill out. If he needs dick once in a while to keep him happy, she should be all for it - as long as he plays safe.

    Shave the balls, trim the pubes - perfection!

  2. Ah....sounds as though the wife is out of the picture...and he is out of the condo...lost to her maybe, but moving sure he pays for the hotel and does not leave the bill with you LOL

  3. Scott said...

    Bums and Balls, Oh, boy, I love the sound of that, say it 10 times

    You showed us some Beautiful Bums, and Balls, Today...

    And If that dude needs Da Dick up his Bum, you slap your Balls against his Butt but good.. lol,,



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