Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Questions

                Good morning good friends!    I am so glad you found the time to drop by.  I hope you also have dropped your pants and are enjoying your Balls.  My air conditioner is on the fritz, so all I have is a fan going and I will be honest with balls are sweaty! I even think my butt hole is dripping some sweat!  
              Anyway...before I go jump in the shower and do my morning jerk off then head to work... I have a couple of questions for you..any of you or all of you...Does the size of a Guy's Dick really matter to you?  And another question... would you rather suck on a big fat Dick or a medium one?  And lastly when you are Fucking... what position do you like best?
         I am not sure if I will be posting tomorrow or not.... but if I don't have a major sexy weekend.


  1. The size of a man's cock isn't important... Would I prefer to suck on a fat one or a slender one - well, all that matters is that I can get my mouth around it... What position do I prefer - - Well, since I don't top or bottom, I guess I'd have to say 69, jackin' and suckin' and lapping at balls.

  2. I like a medium size Dick for both my mouth and my ass. My favorite position is sitting on his Dick facing him so I can watch him as he cums.

  3. Scott said...

    I love to look at all shape and sizes of cock, but with that said my favorite to look at and to suck is the "medium thickie", with loose balls, I love to put a dudes balls in my mouth.

    Now just let's say I hook up with a dude, not knowing how big or thick it is, and he's on the short side, I would never embarrass him, I would still give him head. Hey alot of times, they are growers.

    I dont' bottom often, but when I do, I prefer the dude not to have a large cock, and I like to take it doggie, or on my stomach, or sitting on his cock so I can watch his face.

    When I top, I love doggie, I get a great view of his manly butt. and love hearing the "slapping" sound.

    Thanks PS: Nice pics of guys dicks

  4. As long as he can punch my prostate it's all fine. But, frankly, sometimes a huge cock is a special delight because it hurts so good.

  5. for me it is all about the guy the penis is attached to

  6. i'd like to blow a big one - on my back -have my legs up and have him slowly slide in than fuck me crazy;) -i love the dicks and balls today-some of these i'd go for


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