Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hunting for a new Dick.

           Good morning and Happy Saturday!   I know you willnot mind that I have chosed some beautiful cut Dicks for today's post again!   I will admit, all that has been on my mind this entire week  are Dicks. Really!  I have been craving a new Dick or two lately. Don't get me wrong...there is nothing wrong with all my regular buddy's Dicks... I just feel like it is time for a new one. There is just something so inviting and almost thrilling when you pull down the pants on a new guy and out pops his Dick. I guess it really should not be so amazing to me..... since I have pulled down quite a few hundred in my time.  But that first sight of a new one always gets me deep in my soul. 
        And since I am living here in this Hor Sexy Beach Town...I will have no problem I am sure.  I was planning on just biking around until I saw a good candidate .... but then I was mentioning it to Randy..and he wants to join me in the search.  And Randy is so cute in his little summer shorts and no shirt,he is hard to resist.  There is a small Gay Cafe on the beach across from the Ocean. That is where we are gonna meet and have breakfast and begin our prowling.  


  1. There is something very exciting about seeing what pops out when a guy pulls his shorts down. That experience of seeing what makes his dick harder and wetter is always fun. Happy searching!

  2. You mean there is a dick, a cock, a shaft, a rod other than mine you have not 'seen' and played with? LOL Hard to believe!!!!!

  3. I'm sure you'll be luck!

    I'm back from vacations with this post:

    happy weekend!

  4. Good luck on your venture! ;-) I hope you're having a FABULOUS weekend!

  5. i got to see and jag off a beauty at home depot sunday;)also showed me his beautiful hairy asshole;0.... (got his load ;)


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