Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Sermon... Enjoying random Sex

           Good morning!  I am having a wonderfully relaxing morning so far.  After spending yesterday out with Randy searching for Dicks and finding two very willing Dicks to play with, I've been just sitting here basking in the glow of wet, sloppy sex.  The real fun sort of sex. The kind that has no purpose at all except to enjoy and cum.
         I gather from stuff I read on other blogs and articles and even a few emails fron readers..that so many guys are unhappy with their sex lives.  You often hear guys say they feel empty and not really involved with random sex partners.  I just do not understand them.  Sex is Sex and Fun is Fun. 
       Of course I totally agree that something even deeper happens when you are cuming with a special someone.  But, and this is just my own opinion...the rush of grabbing a hold of a new stranger's Dick is so, so thrilling.  Or like yesterday to watch a good fuck buddy bend over and let a massive Brazilian Dick pound the ass that I know so well. Or like later in the afternoon in the corner of a public restroom Da Dick O'Mine came in a total stranger's mouth as he came on the floor. Sorry guys..that was HOT! 
      I guess when you start your sex life like I did at such a young age...and with majorly trashy guys in trashy dive bars...the thrill just does not leave.  Ah and the love of total random sex has never lost it's luster.    
    I know a few of you do not agree with me... well, it is how I live and as always I have no apologies!  


  1. I think you give a great witness to the value of mansex in itself. Emotional involvements, friendships and commitments are separate values. The problem is with the cock-eyed tradition we have been handed on that sees sex, and especially mansex as no value at all.

  2. How right you are about sex..m2m of course "the thrill just does not leave" no matter how old the participant or participants may be!!!

  3. i could go for one of these (or more)beautiful hairy bushes with their beautiful cocks (and low hanging balls ;0.... right now!

  4. Oh, man - - Those guys who are expressing those lackluster feelings toward sex are missing something. Truly, there is something missing - they need to shake things least a new, unfamiliar location to spice up the interest and enjoyment. Our dicks are there for us to enjoy!

  5. Scott said...

    Nice, men can, shower, piss, and nut in the shower, have to love it.

    Pic#2) That a way to go young man.. That's one way to enjoy your shower:)

    Last pic) Nice fat balls on you dude.. love to get those in my mouth.



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