Monday, July 28, 2014

Mish-Mosh Monday

             Good morning my dear readers!   I need to take the time to welcome all the new followers to the blog!  I hope that each time you stop by, you find something interesting to read and some photos that will get your Dick hard!   And maybe, just maybe there will be a post that will help you along your journey as a sexual man in this lifetime.  
          I spent a wonderful quiet Sunday! I took myself to the beach and lounged there with my umbrella, cooler, some food and drinks and listened to Rufus Wainwright all afternoon. And of course watching all the boys on the beach!  
        The end of the beach I go to is where most of us locals hang out... not too many tourists. So there are always so many hot guys to watch.  It is so cool to realize that those ugly,ugly, knee length board shorts are going out of style. Little tiny speedo types seem to be the in thing... at least here.  
       When I was searching for photos to post, I guess my head was still in a sort of trashy mood... I was reliving Saturday!!! So here are a few hot sexy trashy guys for your pleasure!


  1. I have been eagerly awaiting the time when those knee-length, baggy, swim suits would go out of favor. They were designed specifically for the purpose of hiding what men were born with. Ridiculous! Let's get those bulges back into view and be proud of our cocks!

  2. I spent all my Sunday afternoon making sex in a orgy! I could spend better my time, believe me! Can't wait next Sunday!

    Enjoy my last posts:

  3. Scott said...

    I'm kind in the middle ground with a dudes swimming trunks. Definitely agree, I dislike the knee board trunks, and personally I am not daring enough to wear the little tiny speedo types. I like above the knees, (I am a "sucker" when it comes to looking at a dudes sexy hairy tree trunk legs:)

    Now about these pics...Hot, Hot, Hot.. What a great next to last pic.. AWESOME view of that dudes hairy "pucker" and those loose balls.

    PIc #5 To me, that is one perfect ass. Just the right amount of hair and it's a beefy ass to boot:):)

    Pic#6 That is one hot pic for me.. love his ass, great hairy legs on the young man, and I would love to suck all of his ten toes:):)




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