Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Twos for Tuesday

               Good morning guys..sorry for the late star today...I was sitting naked on the beach meditating and the time just drifted by.  And since I do not really have to be at work until 1PM today.... I figured I would just take my time today You know how much I love sex, you know how much I love Dicks and Asses. You know how much I love Sucking and Fucking.  But to be honest with you... there really is not much that is better than being naked out doors, weather alone or with a good buddy. And having sex outdoors tops the list!  Gee.... I guess I really should have chosen photos today of guys outdoors..oh well.. I am sure you will enjoy the ones I have chosen.


  1. Scott said...

    What an awesome Two for Tuesdays post...love all the pics "butt" two really has my "butter churning:)

    Pic#8, Man do I want to stick my tongue deep in a manly musky sweaty hairy hole today:):):)

    Pic#12) That lucky bastard sucking on that THICK cock. That cock is one fine piece of meat!!!:):)


  2. Maybe not on theme, but definitely an excellent, hot set! 1 reminds me of how a FB greeted me one evening, butt in the air and ready!

  3. I like the post today (like almost every day :)). Being naked ; and even being naked outside with good friend, and having sex with them - This is also at the top of the top!!! It is long time I could not do this... I should make my plan so that it would happen ;)

  4. i used to have sex with my than girlfriend outside in woods -now she wont! i found some rubbers the other day on bike trail on a little path off trail-looks like someone was liking outdoor sex-there were 3 in all ;)

  5. That first pic is so hot. Love dudes showing off their hot hole. Everybody looks better on all fours with their ass in the air.- Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque


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