Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Sexual Duty as a Gay Man.

                 Good morning and welcome to Queer Heaven!  First things first...I would like to send a great big load of cum to all the new followers  And of course to my loyal about two splats of cum right on your chest? 
                 Too my new followers, you will find that this little blog is about the Complete Joys of being a Gay Man and spending time doing my duty as a Gay Man!   My duty? To spend this life enjoying who I am and bringing a bit of Sexual Happiness to others.  
                 I know I should be a little humble and thankful that as an older Gay Man.... I am almost as sexually active as I ever was.  I say almost, because as my regular readers know..I was an amazing Teen Slut.. Fucking my way through all kinds of Shit!  Now that I am older I have become more selective.  And to my good fortune guys still find me...well... how do I say this without sounding prideful..... quite sexy.  
             And today is a great example... The Twink is expecting me to play a good Naked Daddy today. And of course I am more than willing to oblige.  He is 26 or 27 or somrthing like that.  I know his Dick well... I know his furry Ass Very well... I also know that he and Willaim have not had sex for over a week.  You see..I am doing my Gay Duty by keeping my dear friend William's Twink happy all day long today.


  1. I am sure both guys, the younger ones that is, and perhaps you as well even, will be signing that old standby "Happy Days are here again...the cock is hard and the ass is wet, oh my God, he's shooting on my chest, Happy Days are here again!!!!!

  2. wow! those asshole are soooooo beautiful!a nd young;),,,,,,

  3. Scott said...

    My goodness gracious, nice butts and cocks, ah hell nice everything. Your right that last pic is pure perfection. Those hairy legs, those balls, and that nice tight hairy "pucker"... SWEET


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