Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Sermon......Relaxing & Sexing

          Good morning!   See the guy above.... what do you think of him?   He is surly too old to call a twink,but if yout take off maybe 10 years or so...this is almost exactly what Willaim's Twink looks like.  Even the glasses are the same. Look at that beautiful bit of chest fur, that treasure trail leading to a full trimmed bush. And you can just see a bit of arm pit hair. 
        This was my play-toy yesterday!  And did we play!  And play naked most of the afternoon.  
Like Sophia would say.... "picture it".....William's condo is on the 12th floor and his terrace faces the Ocean. He has tall potted trees at either end, so it is almost totally private.  And a perfect place to lounge in the sun naked and drink Cosmos all afternoon.  
       I arrived around 2 in the afternoon, Twink answered the door in a short terrycloth robe, his hair still wet from his shower.  We exchanged friendly kisses and he handed me a drink. He dropped his robe to reveal the cutest pair of white undies.  ( he knows how much I like white undies).  
     We spent the next hour or so lounging in our underpants on the terrace sipping on the cocktails and catching up on things while enjoying the sun. Twink flipped over on his stomach and slipped off his undies. His Bum was so lovely, so round and so inviting..I decided it needed to be licked.
     And off we were to some major sexing. He flipped, I flipped. He sucked me, I sucked him. His Dick was in me and then mine in him.  We both were holding off cumming...we were just enjoying the play.  
   We slowed down and stopped for some really good Shrimp Salad he had made.... then more Cosmos... and we were both on top of eachother again, laughing and just having fun. 
Twink came first right in my mouth and I washed down his salty juice with a sip of Vodka.  (note to self.... Vodka & Cum Cocktail..good Idea?)  I came a moment or two later in his glass, which he gulped down.  (now you understand why he is so much fun).
  We both dosed off, only to be awakened by The Italian roommate.  He just came back from Fcuking a new client.  And he told us all about this guy.... which only got Da Dick O'Mine standing up and ready again! Without saying much or even asking... he sat right down on Da Hard Dick O'Mine. It felt sooooooo good...but I told him to hop off and let me put on a condom if he was going to do that.
  Twink reached overand slipped the condom on me and The Italian was on me once again bouncing up and down as Twink watched and just as I knew I was gonna cum again, Twink bit on my nipple and That Italian Dick splashed his cum all over my chest, which Twink imedeatly licked up. And gave it to me with a sloppy kiss. Then I gave it back to The Italian with a similar kiss. 
 We each slipped on our bathing shorts and headed for the pool and more Cosmos.... Great Day!


  1. So, when are your going to invite all of your readers down???? :-)

  2. ahahahahahaha :))))) Gli Italiani...
    come recitava la frase sulla celebra t-shirt " Italians do it Better"
    I read that your spent a wonderful wonderful day, with sun, drink (VodkaCum ) and hot sexy italian boys.... cool !!


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