Friday, August 29, 2014

A little chat with Da Dick O'Mine

              Good morning!  Ah, Friday and here in USA a nice long weekend.  A weekend to be filled with Friends, Food & Fucking!    Da Dick O'Mine was telling me this morning he is ready for some major sexing.  Like he wanted to pound a furry Ass first thing this morning. I explained that ain't gonna he settled for a good long rub-out.  And happily he responded with a massive load!  
But, I can tell he needs an Ass or two soon.   I know this because even after his good cum this morning..he does not want to get soft.  He still semi hard and waiting for more. I told him I need to get to work soon and he can play later.  And how did he answer me? With drips of precum.  
            Like most Dicks, he sure has a mind of his own.  He sure does not listen to me very often.  And in the end he usually gets exactly what he wants.  So I assured him that Waiter Guy's butt hole will be available tonight and that Randy & Chubby Dude want to go clubbing on Sat.  And of course when I mentioned going clubbing... he stood right up and let me know he wants a random Ass in a restroom stall.  Hmmmmm!  Now that sounds like a great idea!
          What has your Dick been telling you lately?  Do you listen to him and let him have what he wants?   I wonder!


  1. my dick tells me continuously, non-stop, unceasingly:

  2. Mine has been saying " I need ass and throat!!!"

  3. Mine just keeps saying" I want to cum"

  4. Mine only says, "Make me cum." Never tells me in what manner it should happen - just for me to make it so. Have a great weekend - it sounds terrific so far!

  5. talk about having a mind of it's own, have a GREAT weekend

  6. Mine says "Don't forget me and all the fun we have had in the past...let's have even more fun in the future!!!"

  7. I hope you have a FABULOUS Labor Day Weekend! MHAW!


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