Friday, August 15, 2014

Dreaming of a Trashy Buddy

              Good morning guys!   Well.... this Queer here is sort of feeling better this morning. Not well enough to go to work, but well enough to have had a major wet dream last night.  I do not remember the last time I had a wet dream.  Really?  Years ago.   I woke up totally wet with cum and Da Dick O'Mine throbbing and red.  
             Dreams are always weird and I do not usually remember them much.  But this one! WOW! I remember sneaking into a restroom stall and having my Ass pounded buy this heavy set very dirty young guy. I remember thinking his Dick was the best feeling one my hole had ever had.  As he pumped he kept yelling something about Pecan Pie geing so delicious!  ( I told you my dreams are weird). 
            I guess I am just super-duper horny!  Or maybe I was just really hungry?  In any case, I picked out a few sort of trashy guys for you this morning.  And I think I might have to go to the bakery later and buy a Pecan Pie!


  1. it happens me several times (at least once a week) to have sex dreams! but no cum, because of my daily wank!

    Best wishes for your health.

    just to let you knw

  2. Ahhh...a good old fashioned wet dream. Haven't had one in several months. LOL. It's the waking up covered in cum that makes it fun!

  3. just found your blog - dude this is awesome - love the attitude you have will of this and the pictures are great - I also love the idea of undies and coffee! I have a blog as well - would love for you to visit and tell me what you think - I have some stories - pictures - trying for some variety - all with the goal of helping guys to create fantasies to light their fires!
    The blog is :
    again great blog - joining yours ...

  4. Scott said...

    Glad your feeling a little better:) Two treats that I really love, my tongue up a hairy musky man ass, and a piece of delicious pecan pie with a cup of tea. Just saying. LMAO.. but true


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