Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday thoughts

            Good morning dear friends!  Thanks for all the comments and emails about Sunday's Post.  
    If I have learned anything in all my years...... it is so important to keep your man parts in good working order.  I really hope you take what I had to say to heart.
              Another thing that sort of surprised me was my post the other day where I told you that I pissed in his Butt Hole.  I got 12 emails about it.  The surprising thing was that all but one of them was positive.  I knew, or at least I thought that most of you were into sex things that are not mainstream.  And I am so glad to hear that!   
          I know the political correct thing now is mainstreaming Gay life.  That is all well and good...Equal rights, marring, adopting kids etc.... but do not forget you are NOT mainstream... you are GAY!  And  lets hope that the essence of being Gay is not lost.  I hope you know what I mean. 
        I understand that some Gay men are perfectly happy and contented blending into the STR8 world.  And of course that is fine for them.  But I do believe the vast majority of us are always on the prowl for another lovely ass to Fuck or a beautiful  new Dick to suck on.  
       That isjust my take on things.... what is yours?


  1. Each man, gay or straight, has his own road to travel and his own shoes to walk in...they must take the road that suits them and wear the shoes that size does not fit all, contrary to the to mindset of the government.....

  2. Well, here is where I must disagree with you, my friend. Because, whether you are gay or str8, if you are a man you are looking for sex. The gay guy might be looking for the next ass to plow or cock to suck, but the str8 man is on the prowl for the next pussy or tits to fuck or to get his cock sucked.
    It is only that modern society has put a bridle (called monogamy) on the str8 man to rein him in. And, str8 dudes can be just as into kink as the gay ones. We're MEN and we're horny, plain and simple.

  3. I agree with whkattk! Men think a lot about sex, much more women! For this reason a loto on straight men are unsatisfied with their fiancées/wifes because they can't/don't want think and make sex as men would do!
    And one of the reason I'm so happy to be gay is that I can make sex with people who feel sex with the same (more or less) importance for our life!

    Obviously our posts are always so interesting!

    Enjoy my last post:

  4. Scott said...

    I love STR8 men, do they love me, I dont' know. I do know, they are happy when my mouth is on their hog, and I swallow their junk... :):) just saying



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