Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Twos for Tuesday

             Good morning dear readers!  Since it is Tuesday and I always post photos of two guys doing things together.... I thought it was a good time to remind you all to make sure your Balls, your Ass Hole and That Dick of yours are in good working order.   And why make the process boring?  I suggest that you call upon a good friend and have him help you with the checking.  And of course you can check out his goods a the same time.     
     First things first.... Those balls  feel them and make sure there are no lumps or bumps.You should also watch and see if they tighten up a bit when he licks them. Now you get down there and put his balls in your mouth.   use your tongue to continue to look for those unwanted lumps and bumps.   Everything seem ok?  Good! Now move your tongue down to that lovely hole of his.   Get it nice and wet  with a little bit of spit and insert your finger and feel if there are any growths along the wall of the  the hole. Stick your finger in a little further and poke his prostate and see if  he jumps a little... Good!    Next thing is of course to make sure his cum is alright.  This one is tricky... not the part of getting him to cum, you all know how to do that., but what the cum looks like.   Each of us shoot different densities of cum. If your cum is usually full thick and creamy,it should be that way.  If your cum is  thinner and less milkey ( like mine always has been)   then that is the way it should look.  And the taste?  well. that really does depend on what you have been eating lately.

   So go find a friend and get naked and check each other out.


  1. Great post, advice, and super hot pics, QH! Can't possibly list all that turn me on, but hottest of the hot:

    1 - that hole is so hot and tasty-looking!
    5 - great kiss, awesome ass on that bottom - note to self, be sure to do it on the stairs!
    9 - can just about feel that bottom's hole opening up to slide onto that super hard pole to begin a great ride!

    Super post!

  2. And happy Tuesday to you too! Great post!

  3. WOW! Great Post! I will take your advice and call a friend for a check up!

  4. I'm back from my vacations to enjoy your blog!

    here's my last post:



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