Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fuck Buddies

              Did you notice how his Dick tasted?   
 Yeah... sort of like cilantro. 
 Oh man, you are right! 
 And his Butt Hole tasted so much like Spicy Chili. 
 What is up with this guy? 
 And did you notice, when he was about to cum...his neck turned rather red.  
 When his Dick was in my Butt and he was pumping..I think he was singing something. 
 And later on when he opened his hole for me to enter, he looked me in the eye and said something like"let me send you away"!  
  I was watching him as he closed his eyes as you slipped your Dick in his hole.....I think he was singing again.  
  And his cum!  Oh man!  I've never seen so much and it was as thick as molasses. 
 And sticky and so damn salty.
I think we have found a new super Fuck Buddy.
Oh yeah!


  1. I'm sitting here in my under pants & once again your post got me super hard.

  2. Robert , above, is correct....damn hot post...and all the photos echo the words you have posted...hard dicks, salty cum, let me make you have fun!!! I will take, or have him take me, any of the guys in the photos today!!! CUM ON!!!

  3. Fuck buddies are the best! Especially one that will enjoy himself with abandon.

  4. Came all over your post! Thanks for all you do for us. Have a super day, bud. Cheers, AOM

  5. hope you have swallowed all that thicky dense creamy cum!!! not leaving a single drop of such an elixir d'amore!


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