Monday, September 8, 2014

Mish-Mosh Monday

               Good morning!  I hope you had a very enjoyable weekend.  I hope you ler your Dick roam around and have some fun.   Did he get to go somewhere new?  Or did he relish being inside a familiar wet Ass Hole?   Mine was quite satisfied with where I let him go.  He had a great time!  
               The out of town Ass that Randy introduced me to yesterday was by far one of the most amazing Fucks I have had in a long time.  Really!  Not only was he super sexy, he was so funny.   Have you ever had a short fat Dick up your ass pounding away and you  could not stop laughing? This Dude was just too funny..he kept cracking jokes the entire time.  He has a very deep southern drawl and kept refering to my Butt as "Granny slapping good".  And when he pulled out and tossed the condom on the floor a geyser of cum flooded all over my face.   And I have no idea what he must have been eating earlier, but his cum tasted like Burbon soaked Bacon!   No lie!  Never tased cum like that before.  As I was licking up what I thought were the last drops of his cum from his delightful mushroom head..he leaned his head back and just continued to cum!


  1. love your description: "cum tasted like Burbon soaked Bacon"! makes me smile a bit. Yesterday I ejaculated my quite huge load to a sexy guy behind a Glory Hole. I asked him to suck and jerk off my dick till get my cum, and he did. I felt my dick wanked and sucked. The idea that guy (I know, because we were in the same orgia place) was going to be rained and feeded by my milk, made me so horny that I felt like my orgasm lasted a whole minute. I don't care if he swallowed or received a shower of cum that I have produced, because both of these hypotheses make me go into a frenzy.

  2. A double-cummer. Those are rare. No wonder you had such a good day!

  3. Agreed - double - man never have seen that!!


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