Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Twos for Tuesday...Wlliam and me

              Dear sweet wonderful William has found a new live in now that The Twink has left town and The Italian Dick has moved to his own place.  But this time his playmate is not so much a Twink for a change. He tells me this one is 32yrs old!  Now that is a real change,because as long as I have known William his live ins have always been in their twenties.  And to add to the confusion he happens to be Korean.  
            None of us have met him as yet.  William tells me he will introduce him to the gang next weekend at one of his Rentboi Cocktail Parties.  And his parties are great!  I am not sure if I have ever told you about William's back story.........
           He grew up in New York State, the only child of a totally wealthy family.  He spent most of his youth in Europe at boarding schools.  When he was in his 20's he lost his parents and inherited a fortune. After college he moved back to the family home and started a very upscale Rentboi business...just for the fun of it.  He would test each guy himself, to make sure they new how to Fuck properly. 
         I met William about 25 years ago when I was Slutting around New York City.  We became fast friends, but never sex partners. We lost touch at some point, then I was so over joyed to find him living here at the Beach when I moved here.  And we picked up as if no time had passed. Over the years we have each had sex with each other's guys, but still to this day never had sex with each other.
       It is interesting to me that William is the only close guy friend that I have never had sex with. 


  1. Sometimes, friends can be just that and there is no need, nor interest, for anything else. He sounds like a really nice guy, too.

  2. Great set,beautiful images, QH! Particularly like 2 (great pair of butts, hot pose) and 4 (hand on the ass...such a nice touch)! ...and subtle touch of color in the dick-to-dick salute (Da Dicks Of Da Day)! Great story about William.

    1. Luke, you noticed the same pic I had noticed. I share the same thought of whkattk. The most important thing is make sex, if not love, with sexy guys! then you can permit yourself to have gay friends and not make sex with! or to have sex with your gay brother (I know two gay brothers like that: great!!!)

      My last post:

      Happy HUMPGAY!


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