Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Twos for Tuesday

                   Good morning and welcome to September!    I can't believe that I did not do a post yesterday.   I almost never miss a daily post.  But I must admit I was otherwise engaged.  This ole" Queer here really let himself go and return to his major slutty days when a youth.   And I gotta say I had a blast!  
                Sunday late afternoon I had gone with Randy for a drink or two.  I guess we were there for maybe an hour or so, when Randy  sees a guy he really wants. So I bid him farewell and sit at the bar and had another Vodka.  Shortly these two very young cute guys sit next to me. The are cousins and in town for the weekend. They ask me if I know where they can find some good sex..  I tell them about the areas where they might find some other guys looking for sex.  One of them reached over and began to rub on my belly. 
"does daddy like to play?"  ( I still can't get used to being referred as a  DADDY)  
              Ok..the adult in me is saying to myself NO these two are way too young to play with, I'm  guessing they are in their mid twenties.  But Da Dick O'Mine is saying "go for it".  And I did!  Boy did I ever! I took them to the beach walk area where I had been fucking the other day. and before long they both wee naked and sucking on some other guy there.  I joined in and before long here was another guy in the mix also.
         After awhile I followed these two to their hotel room and promptly fell asleep on their bed!  I woke up early Monday morning with one dick in my ass and one dick in my mouth. No need to go into any graphic details, because you all know what twenty year olds are like. I  do not  think we got dressed all day yesterday. We stayed in the hotel all day drinking and eating and sexing.
       I'm telling this partly because I know you like to hear wat is going on with me, but also and most importantly, to reinforce the fact that you can be a slut any any age...and if  that is what you want and are not getting it, then dear friends is it is up to you to put yourself out there.  


  1. Nice images . very sexy and arousing. I like what you said about putting yourself out there. Too many guys complain about not getting laid because of age, weight, race, location, its a Monday, and the list goes on. If they spent as much time doing something other than complaining they would see there is plenty to be gotten if you go get it. Great post.

    The Male Casting Couch

  2. There are probably many different places in any given city to get your dick taken care of, no matter your age. All one need do is go seek out that willing cock, mouth, hands, or butt.

  3. Glad you got a day off, QH...you deserve it! Great report and "go for it" thoughts!
    Love the Twos for Tuesday selection...always a treat from start to finish!

  4. Great that you can break down the barriers that age imposes!

  5. Glad you had a slutty good time. Those are the best!

  6. your dick is so right and took you to enjoy you and him!

    you see here:
    how much men think about dicks! probably we can't see other!

    Happy for your Labour day!

  7. Lots of hot fuckin! WooF! Got me strokin up a storm here. Wishing you a jizzlicious day, buddy. Cheers, AOM


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