Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Furry Wednesday

                Good morning guys!   Well..just a short post this morning.  If you have been reading  this blog for any amount of time, then you know that my preference is a thin smooth guy with a full pubic bush and a lovely Cut Dick.   But sometimes a furry guy can be fun.  One of those cousins from the other day was medium furry and his ass hole was full on furry..... sliding in  through that fur,felt rather good.   So I've got furry guys for your pleasure today!

            This last guy ain't furry at all...but Fuckin' Damn..have you ever seen a more beautiful Dick?


  1. are you into furry dicks and guys?
    me not!

  2. I don't mind a furry guy - but neatly trimmed, please.

  3. Scott said...

    Wow, you captured not only furry guys, but hell masculinity in general. Very hot pics.. I do like my men with some fur... I mean their men right? Men have hair:):):)

    Thanks, very hot post, I will be back to visit these hunky hairy dudes every time I'm having a bad day. They will bring a smile to my face.


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