Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Twos for Tuesday on Wednesday

          Good morning guys!  Thanks for all the comments and emails...I am feeling pretty good.  I just need to rest for the next couple of days and no sex!  My cardiologist said not evento jerk off.  Shit that one is hard.  Poor Dick O'Mine does notunderstand at all.  He is in a semi hard position most of the time urging me tolet him cum.  He will just have to wait.
         When I was choosing photos this morning, I really thought it was Tuesday! So here are twos for Tuesday on Wednesday.  Oh, please have a good cum this morning for me.


  1. This shows how important it is to have frank discussions with your doctor. The comments in the commercials is for real. Glad you're doing well, Michael!!

  2. So glad you are well and recovering. I will take on the responsibility to wank for you. Just think how good your time off will make you feel when you can return to active duty. I wish you a speedy recovery. Cheers, AOM

  3. Follow the dr orders...know it is difficult, but just think of the great, really great, cum which will be waiting for you when he says "go and jack off my patient" Hang in there, literally, just hang for now...and stand proud once more!!1

  4. Take it easy like the doc says. I've been there too. That dick of yours ain't going nowhere!

  5. glad you're better. But you could as well enjoy sex in a quieter way, not depriving your dick of nice milking and your mouth of other dicks and cream!

    enjoy my last posts:

    I can't think of you without enjoying sex! It's like thinking of a priest with no mass!

  6. Missed your news. Good that you are getting over it. Hope you do not have any recurrence!


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