Friday, November 7, 2014

Boners for your Doctor.

             Good morning guys!  Let me take the time once again to thank you for your comments and emails!  And I see there are a few new readers also.  If I could, I would shoot some cum right in your face as a thank you for being here.   I mean, really is there a better gift than some creamy cum in your face? 
           I am heading out soon to my Dr. for a follow up.  I am really hoping he tells me that I can go ahead and really get down and dirty this weekend.  My Fuck Buddies have been great, but Da Dick O'Mine really wants to do some major Sexing.  
           While I am talking about my Doctor.... something for all of you to figure out.  We men need to be able to talk to our Doctor about everything.  I am very fortunate that my Dr. is very open with me and am totally open with him.  Do not be shy with your Dr.  Tell him exactly what is going on with you.  He can't help you unless he knows all the exact details.  
           If you do not get hard as fast as you usually do...tell him.  If you have a slight pain in your balls..telll him.  If your erection is not as hard as usual...tell him...or better yet show him. If your ejaculation is not as full and strong...tell him. If your Cum is not as thick and creamy..tell him. Make sure that he does a good Prostate exam & make sure he does a Sperm Count Test. All these things could be totally nothing... or they could be something serious.
        Wish me luck!  Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. We are SO on the same page with this. And, you must have been reading my mind because my post today will be along the same lines. I hope you come back with excellent news, with permission to get at rambunctious as that dick of yours is asking!

  2. Hey, Guy!! Were you somewhere in the room on my last visit with my doctor? We had some of that conversation...and am now exploring some we get older (you are still young) there are some changes in our bodies and our abilities....will not go there, but you will experience them as will the other readers...just be sure to be aware they are normal, but can be looked after....

  3. once I told my doctor I was too much horny!!!!!!!
    happy saturgay with my last post:

  4. One time a male doc of mine was feeling my balls, checking for lumps and such. I started to get hard. Hehe!


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