Sunday, November 16, 2014

Random thoughts for a Gay Man!

        Well....good afternoon to everyone!  So it is Sunday and what are you doing right this moment?  It seems that you are just like thousands of other guys. Sitting at your computer, most likely in your undies, checking out sex stuff on the internet.   It is almost oberwhelming to think of how many guys are doing this right at this very moment. And more that likely there are gallons and gallons of cum being spewed as I type this.  What an image!!
       But I sure hope that you ,my dear sweet faithful readers are not only gonna cum by yourself, but that you have made or at least are making plans to share you cum with some one else.  I know, I feels great to lean back and rub out a nice load by your self.... But... sharing your Dick, your Ass and your Cum with another is really what shows how good a friend you can be.   It is all about bonding with another guy.  This Man to Man Sex should be as important to you as making sure you are gettin gthe right foods to eat.  
     Maybe I am overstating it a bit.... but listen, you happen to be a guy and guys seem to biologically and emotionally need lots of sex on a regular basis.  And now add to that the fact that you happen to be Gay or Bi...and wham!  The urge is even stronger. And it it stronger mainly because Random sex with other guy is so readily available at any moment anywhere!  
    I'll go out on a limb here and propose a situation for you. I bet that if any of you, no matter what age or shape you might be, were to go into a public restroom and stand at the urinal and slowly start to rub on your would not be too long before some other guy would be watching.... and more than likely reach over and help you.   You don't believe m?  Try it and see for yourself.
  Ok...I have had my say this afternoon.   I am now ready to go and " share" Da Dick O'Mine with Aldo.  I even asked my Dr. If he thought I was up for it.  He said in all his wisdom " go ahead and Fuck away all afternoon if you wish" 


  1. Sounding good and looking good, QH! Great set of images....really like 6 a lot. Have a great time with Aldo!

  2. Love the Underwear and Without Undies Pic. Nice package. Have a great time with Aldo

  3. Scott said...

    Oh yes, man are very visual creatures.. I do enjoy sitting at my computer in my boxers and cranking out a good "nut". Granted it's not as great as the real thing, but it does do in a "pinch"..


  4. You better be careful with that hot cup of coffee or tea. Wouldn't want to hear about you burning that dick of yours.

  5. No one wants a fatty. Fat dick yes. Fat man no.


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