Thursday, March 12, 2015

A reader's question about Sexing

             Good morning!   I've got to think of a new way to welcome you to my blog.  I seem to say the same thing over and over.  I'll come up with something soon...but for now... I am so glad you have stopped by.  To those of you who have never left a comment... please take a moment to do so, even if it is just to say hello....
            A new reader sent me an email asking me "why do you talk about sex so much? there is more to life than sex"   A very good question.   So I figured I would answer it here. 
            First and foremost,  this is a blog about being Gay in a world of STR8 people, and how I have been able to navigate this life.  Secondly, of course there are many,many other things that fill my life besides Sucking, And Fucking and dreaming of the next Beautiful Dick I get to play with.  
           i will make no apologies for my take on the Sex thing.  And yes.... SEXING  is the most important part of my daily life. It is what keeps me grounded, it is what keeps me in touch with who I am. It is the total center of my being. 
          Years ago, while I was sitting naked in a Buddhist Temple high in the mountains of Korea, I came to the realization that a good Fuck is the most glorious way to honor yourself.  I was not to be a solitude monk, but was to embrace my manhood by continuing the Sex filled journey I had begun when just a young teen.
          And now....many,many years later...I find I made the correct choice for me.  Each and every day, I start my day with a meditation. A meditation of how wonderful my life is and how centered I can be as long as I am sharing my Sexual and Spiritual Being with my fellow brothers.
        I hope this answers the question.


  1. Interesting, laid back post. :) Well written. And the pics, always attractive guys.

  2. Great post, Michael. You do a great job of grounding yourself, and a great job of encouraging other men to embrace and enjoy their cocks. Keep it up!

  3. I find your work very inspirational and encouraging. I agree with Whk. Keep it up, buddy. Cheers, AOM

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  5. I love how open you are about sexing. Thanks for sharing and celebrating the joys of sex!

  6. I think that is a wonderful answer. I have prepared a blog post for my blog: enhanced masculinity, on your idea of sexing, which fills a linguistic void. When I get round to publishing it. Wonderful to have a guy around so committed to sex, so positive!

  7. thank you for your site! keep it up;) i really enjoy getting up and having my coffee while i view your posts;0 i'm married with kids and enjoy my life(except work!)but i love seeing hot guys with beautiful bodies and beautiful big cocks and mostly hair in all the important parts and a view of their assholes ;) really makes my day and i think about it as i'm having sex with my wife,and its good for both of us to escape this harsh world! once again a big THANK YOU!

  8. for me it's the same. Sex is my best joy, and I think about it a lot!!!


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