Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A mouth full of morning cum.

          Good morning friends!    I do not need to be to work until 11:30 this morning.  How sweet is that?  At first I was thinking of going around the corner to that neighbor guy who sucks Dicks.  But then I really felt like I needed a good mouth full of Cum to start the morning off.   So, I'm thinking of who is close and who has great tasting Cum?       
             The duty fell to Marc.  I called him... he was still asleep. "May I have your Cum for breakfast?"
         I slipped on a pair of undies... and biked the 19 blocks to his place.  The sun was just coming up as I was on my way.  By the time I get there....My Balls were sweating and my Ass Crack was wet.   He answered the door with a complete fulll hard erection & his lovely Balls seemed just right for my mouth.  I am on my knees in no time.... he tastes like dried salty Cum.
                                   " What was your Dick doing last night?"
                           If you must was Fucking my brother Max.
                " I think I can smell him on your Balls, he always has the scent of garlic about him."
                 Forget about Max...just keep sucking & I will give you the breakfast you asked for.
P>S>  it is now 4:30 in the afternoon and my mouth still can taste his delicious cum!!

Today's Dick Of Da Day I swiped from a wonderful blog. Check him out here.


  1. A mouth full of cum sounds so good right about now.

    1. I am in a LTR forr 25 years and I am 56. For the last 18 years I have had a side boyfriend and my lover was cool about it as long as he knew him and could get a piece of ass off him when he wantedd it. Well I am in a situation I NEVER thought I'd be in and ridiculed others who are doing exactly what I am doing. My last boyfriend was 38, not bad. I meet this guy, he's actually a friend's little brother he is 24, and we are well on our way to dating. I am the first one to say these guys in their 50's chasing 20 year olds are assholes. The flip is this kid is chasing me annd I just can not say no. I mean I know this is prescription for diaster on so many levels I'm fucking my friends little brother. But we are so connected he comes over here everynight after work to see me. he just texted me at 1 and he's done at 6 to let me know hes coming. His body is like Adonnis. My lover caan always tell who my boyfriends are, kits an unspoken rule he must know them and know them well. It's getting so bad we were in the livingroom with my lover and his brother and we sat close together whispering all night. DUH is that obvious. If his older brother knows I'm fucking his younger brother I have no clue hoow he willl react. THIS SPELLS DIASTER

  2. Love the lusty write-up of your experience!

  3. may I say I envy you? so delicious breakfast!!!!
    love your texts!!!

    thanks for your comment for my last post:

    happy Thor Gay!

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    1. well let me tell you I m 56 and have be partaking of 25 yr old cum and is absolutely fantastic. He was a bit shocked the first time I swallowed.


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