Sunday, March 15, 2015

How I met Marc.

            As I woke up that  Sunday morning 3 years ago, I was in sort of a daze.  A very hazy daze.  I just laid there for a moment and opened my eyes.  I looked down at Da Dick O'Mine...he was still soft and at rest. His head was wet and sticky. My Pubic hair was stuck to my skin. Ah, dried cum I figured.  I leaned over and noticed 2 used condoms on the bedside table along with empty Chinese Carry out cartons and empty 3 glasses.
           Wait a minute, why was there 3 empty glasses? I sat up and slid my feet to the was wet.  I turned on the lamp and see that Waiter Guy is curled up in a ball a sleep on the floor. Pillow under his head and his Dick at complete attention.  Why was he on the floor? 
            Da Dick O'Mine needed to have a piss real bad, so I stepped over this sleeping friend and stumbled to the bathroom. I really needed to piss quick..I was drippping pee!  I get into the batheroom and Fucking Shit..... there is another guy passed out on the floor!!!!  
          I releave myself and wondered to the kitchen, still not too sure what was going on. I had a major thirst.  I grabbed a bottle of juice and went and sat in the living room.  The room was a mess, couch pillows on the floor. More half eaten plates of Chinese noodles and 2 empty bottles of Vodka.
        So..... I'm sitting there sort of starting to remember.... when out of the bathroom walks that dude. 
I instantly recognize that Swinging Dick between his legs. I remember sucking on it in the backroom of the club.  He walks over, looks at me then bends over and picks up a pair of undies that are on the table. As he stuffs his Dick inside, he walks over to me and leans in and kisses my forehead.  
" Thank you Sir, my name is Marc, you and your friend were a total blast".  I am speechless.... he slips on his jeans and grabs his shoes and out the door he goes.

                 Today is Marc's Birthday.... I need to remind him of exactly how we met.


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