Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Sermon...... Use your Gift of being Gay.

            Good morning, good morning, good morning!  So....... let me as an inportant question of you. Are you taking care of your most prized possession?  Of course I am talking about your Dick.
            Do you take the time to listen to what he wants?  Do you make sure he is happy? Do you make sure he is healthy?  Do you give him a good morning rub? Do you let him out and enjoy being free of underwear or any clothes sometiimes?   How often have you allowed him to rule your day? Do you let him slide in wet Holes a few times a week?  Do you allow him to cum often and when ever he wants to?  
          All these are important questions...... If you answered yes to most of them then... congratulations... your Gay Membership Card is still valid.  If not... you better get out there and get sexing!   None of us chose to love Dicks, and Ass Holes.  We just do! It is a major gift we have. and not to use it is a total waste of your time here on this earth this time around. 
        Case in point..... yesterday afternoon..... the sleazy, dirty and rather raunchy sex club Randy took me to.... Holy,Holy,Holy!  What amazing fun we had!  I truly mean major fun.  I will admit that by the time we left there..... I was exhausted!  But so energisezed!  
      No need to go into the details of what went on at this club..... you all know what goes on at these places. (and if you do not, then shame on you).  I will just say that I had the scent of cum on me for hours after we left. 
     I think my Gay Membership Card is in super good standing!  How about yours?


Ok Horny guys, leaving a message lets me know what you think.
OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!