Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Size of your Dick!

              Good morning my sweet friends!  So nice to see you here this morning!  I hope you are playing by Queer Heaven's rules, and are sitting at your computer with your Dick out and letting him enjoy a good rub.  And if by chance you happen to be sitting at least you can keep one hand under your desk and rub on that Dick of yours.
              I wonder how may of you have worried that your precious man meat was not large enough to show in public or fat enough to do a proper Fucking?  Well, you can all feel better now. It seems that a definitive study had shown that the average soft Dick is 3.6 inches and a fully erect one is 5.16 inches.   You can read the article here.
             From an early age, I've been sort of proud of Da Dick O'Mine's size. I never felt ashmed of letting him hang out for all to see. I don't know why, but I never got embarrassed if he decided to all of a sudden stand up straight durning gym class at school.   And when I was in my twenties in the Army and other guys would hide theirs, I would walk around the barracks sometimes fully erect.  And often that might lead to a good blow job for Da Dick O'Mine.  
          While I happen to be talking about Army stuff... it was totally not unusual for naked games and circle jerks and even some butt fucking.  Maybe it was just the group of guys I was with..or maybe it was like that in all barracks.   
        Anyway, the point of today's post is to reiterate that what ever size you proud of him...let your guy friends know you are proud of him.  He really is your long-time best friend!


  1. Good Morning to you, my Friend. Wonderful article. A very important message we all need to remember and wish we all had when we were younger. Thanks for all you do for us. oh and btw - I love following that trail to happyland. Woof! I wish you a very wonderful day, buddy. Cheers, AOM

  2. I am comfortable with being nude and letting my cock show, but I know many guys are shy about that. I see shy guys in my work as a massage therapist. I truly think that men who may be less endowed but confident in who they are can be much sexier than a man with an elephant trunk between his legs. It's about being comfortable in who you are and loving that. Great post!

  3. Enjoy your cock, no matter what size it is. Be proud of it. We had plenty of guys walking around with hard-ons in our barracks - some tried to hide them, of course; others did not. And lord knows we had circle jerks ALL the time.

  4. I'm so proud of my best friend!!!

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