Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fuck me in the morning!

         Good morning!  Thank you for dropping by.   I sort of had planned on talking about how important it is to get our spiritual and sexual lives in order. I had even picked out somelovely photos of Butts to make my point. But, that will have to wait till later.  I totally am out of time.... I need to shower and get my butt to work!
         The reason I am so late?  Lets just say that awoke this morning with a fat juicy Dick stuck in my Butt Hole.  I do not ever remember having been entered while asleep.  It was an amazing feeling! And the best part was that I never expected this guy to Fuck me.  
        I'll finish this tomorrow.


  1. Even in your rush...
    Thank you for the very UPspiring pictures.
    They made me drool....

  2. I've been woken getting a blow job...does that count?

  3. Glad you're back in action! Great wake-up story, really hot images! BTW, I was on the giving end once...half-awake, half-asleep, the dick found its way where it wanted to go in my sleeping partner....fully awake we did it again! LOL!


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