Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Sermon...Feeling Good!

         Good morning!  It is a glorious morning here!  Once again I am sitting on an Ocean Front balcony sipping my morning coffee.  My Buddhist Buddy is laying on his stomach in the lounge next to me.  His pearly white Ass is enjoying the morning sun.   Marc left very early this morning, unfortunately he has to work today.  And since my buddy here knows I write this blog...I am free to work on today's post. We three had more fun sexing eachother most of yesterday and lat last night.
 I did ask him for a photo of his butt to post..... At first he was not sure,but after a little more cajoling last night he lifted his legs and I snapped one.  
       I do not ever remember posting a photo of one of my buddies in all the years I have been blogging.  But... here it is for you....'s sermon is all about feeling good.  And by feeling good  I mean feeling good about yourself, feeling good about who you are and what you do in bed.  Listen, we all agree that sexing is such a major part of our lives. Or at least it should be.  And I know I am gonig to should like a broken record..but the best way to be true to yourself is to get out there and start Fucking!  yeah...just get out there. Don't use the excuse that your are too old or not good looking enough or some other shit.
     There is always some Ass that is looking to be Fucked.there is always o=some Dick that is looking for an Ass. You need to just put yourself out there.  You do understand I am sure.  
        My friend is getting up now and we are going to light a candle and get on our knees and do a morning meditation and thank ourselves for being so open and thank ourselves for our Dicks and our Asses and all the joy they bring us.  Then......... MORE FUCKING!   


  1. " we all agree that sexing is such a major part of our lives."

    for me sure it is!!!!

  2. Excellent sermon....and thanks to your Buddhist Buddy for the hot pic! Of the rest of the images are up to your usual high standards...and very hot! Excellent post!

  3. Sex is a god thing with someone you can really enjoy it with. Sounds like you have just the right buddy(ies) to share it with. #2 Your friend has a hot looking hole. Looks like a fun ride. #3 I love this one! I love the angle of this one. not only can you see the dick going inside him, but you could see the expression on his face feeling it go in. Priceless ! # 5 again the expression tells it all. very erotic. And # 10 the man himself in his sexy underwear. Looks like the signs of a well contented man. Thanks for the post.

    1. OOPS ! In the first line I meant "GOOD" thing. BIG mistake. Although some may worship it like a god, NOT what I meant. Too early in the morning. my proof reading sucks right now !


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