Monday, April 20, 2015

Remembering our Twenties

             Isn't it amazing how even after not seeing a dear friend for a couple of years, your Dick and his Ass still fit so well?  Some things just don't change.  Even his taste and smell was the same.  (do you remember your sexing partners smell?)  
             He spent almost the entire day yesterday lounging on the balcony with his beautiful Ass bare.  His Dick stayed semi hard as we sipped on cocktails and talked of all the things we have been through together.  Those wonderful 2 years back when we were in our twenties as we trecked around the Orient.   Remembering our first real encounter with Buddhism at an ancient Temple high in the mountains. 
         Laughing about our first little flat that we shared in New York. Remembering the parade of horny tricks that paraded in and out of that walk up.  Selling ourselves for fun and to pay the rent.
The actor who hired us both, the funny old guy who would only suck on me with a blindfold on.  The time we went to this really beautiful estate in the Hamptons as the "entertainment" for the host and his guests.
       Late in the afternoon I slid Da Dick O'Mine deep inside is ass right there on the balcony and then after he had deopsited another load of cum in my mouth...we had to part. We most likely will not see eachother again for another couple of years.  But the memories will linger.


  1. you had such a good time.
    reading your words is always a pleasure!
    happy monGAY and happy new week

  2. We typically do remember our younger days with fondness...My brother and our buddies slipping off into the woods to jack off together...the feel of one of their hands stroking my cock, my hand moving from cock to cock to cock, cum flying in all directions. Being out on Lake Erie, our boat rocking with our stroking, other boaters passing by - some hooting, some applauding, some yelling obscenities. The cum shooting and splattering into the water...pissing over the side of the boat with our boners standing tall and proud.

  3. Your 20s were such a great time. As were mine. As I approach thirty I look forward to new adventures


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