Monday, May 18, 2015


             Well guys, thanks so much for the emails this weekend!   It is always cool to hear from you.
I guess I should tell you about that sleeping guy in my bed yesterday.   Lets see.... how do I make this short and simple?
             I met Waiter Guy and Randy at the Turkish Baths in the afternoon and well... there were a few Dicks sucked and cum swallowed.  We relaxed by the pool, we had a couple of drinks and I totally fell asleep.  When I woke up Da Dick O'Mine was standing up proud.  This guy... this lovely guy... walked over and whispered in my ear " would you mind if I sat on your erection?"
           I left my friends there and  this guy drove me home. The entire 20 minute car fine...he had one hand rubbing on my Dick.  I almost came right there in the car...but I forced myself to hold off.
No sooner are we at my place..his clothse are off and he is bouncing on Da Dick O'Mine.  He came in seconds flat!  But kept right on bouncing and bouncing.  He came a second time and rolled off just as I dumped my Cum.  He turned over and fell asleep.  
         Int he morning while I was typing yesterday's post he was sleeping... I finished my post and went to take a shower...when I cam out.... he was gone.  The only thing left were his boxer shorts and a little note with no name that said simply.... "Thanks!"


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time this weekend. I also enjoyed myself at a bath house, and was able to be the slut I am.

  2. "Thanks" is a nice gesture. More guys should do that.

  3. a great weekend you had!!!


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