Sunday, May 17, 2015


    He lays there naked. He sleeps. 
 He is unaware I am watching. 
 His Dick is hard.
 His underarms are dripping wet. 
His breathing is shallow. There is dried Cum in his Pubes. 
 He moves. He turns on his side. 
 His butt fur is wet.  His hole is dark. 
He moans and looks up.  Our eyes meet, he smiles.  
 His hand is on his Dick.  I watch him get himself hard. 
 His Dick is in my mouth again. 
It tastes like last night. 
It tastes like morning. 
It tastes like heaven.  
Who does this Dick belong to?  Why is here still here?
 Fuck... what is his name? 


  1. Perfect set of images for a Sunday morning! Description of guy in bed is so beautifully and sensually told.....and we better make sure we get his name! LOL!

  2. No need to wish you a FABULOUS weekend... it sounds like you're having one! XOXO


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