Saturday, May 16, 2015

Happy Dick Sucking Saturday

              Good morning!   I am so glad it is has been a bitch and I finally have the weekend off.  What to do for fun this weekend?   I could spend my time cleaning the apartment.  I could go and do two loads of dirty laundry.  Or........ I could suck some Dicks.  Which one sounds better to you?  I know the answer.  
              How very interesting......... as I am sitting here naked typing this, I just got a message from Waiter Guy saying " I want to suck some Dicks today, wanna join me at the Turkish Baths?"  
           I guess our minds are on the same sex wave length!  Sounds perfect to me.  There is not much that is more of a full turn on than sitting in a steamy room and sucking on a few sweaty Dicks.  One Dick Cuming after the other.  So, that is the plan.  
  UPDATE:   It is now around 1:30 in the afternoon and we are off to the Baths... Randy is joining us!


  1. Just found your amazing blog this morning. Reall hot stuff.

  2. you're having a great weekend!
    thanks for your comments on my


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