Friday, May 15, 2015

Oh it is Friday.......

                  Good morning!  OMG! Thanks for all the emails lately.   I will really try to find the time to answer each one.   As always, it seems the running theme of the emails you guys send me...are all about how you get to have more sex?   I am gathering from the information you all give...quite a few of you are new to this whole Gay Sex thing!  
              We all were new at this game at one point.  Do not fret that you are doing something wrong or that  maybe you are not sexy enough.  Don't push your what you feel natural doing.  If you fell good when you suck on a dick..then by all means go suck on a few.   If your Butt Hole is itchy...and your finger will not do it..... find a guy to help you.  Even if you never thought of yourself as a bottom... sometimes you just need a Dick up your Ass to feel better..  
          I am not sure why so many guys do not want to admit to being a bottom....!!!


  1. Perhaps they are afraid...they need a skilled man to show them that being a bottom can be pleasant rather than painful. They seek your wisdom and that is an honorable place for you to be. You have much to offer!

  2. If I'd be a bottom, I'd any problem to admit it, exactly as I admit I love to swallow cum!


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