Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ah! Da Happy Dick

             Good morning!   Well guys, thank you for dropping by today.  And i noticed from the Stats that my daily pageview are up.  It is so cool to sit here rubbing on Da Dick O'Mine and know there are so many of you reading what I have to say.   Granted, often is seems that I am talking about the same thing over and over.   You know what I am talking about.  Da Dick and how he rules my life. 
            One day I had stopped at a bar on my way home from work and; had 2 Vodkas and chatted with an old friend who happens to be married to another friend.  Both of these guys are lots of fun and super friendly.   Well........ yes, you know what is coming...........I followed him home and stuck Da Dick O'Mine in both of their wet Butt Holes.  I did not even think about it...I just followed Da Dick and went along for the fun of it.  
           These guys had such a good time, they asked me to stay for dinner.  And after dinner, I laid on my stomach and they each took turns entering my Hole.   Such fun!


  1. Yes, it looks like your Dick is happy. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog.

  2. you have surely right friends!

  3. Excellent set of, raunchy, elegant!
    4 - love the cum dribble!
    Penultimate....expression of the guy's face - full of cock - is intense..amazing!


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