Wednesday, May 13, 2015


               Good morning my friends!   Lovely morning here... just got back from sitting on the beach to do my morning meditation.  Today I was fixated on how beautiful the male ass is.  Maybe because of the young swimmer who was enjoying his morning swim in the nude.   Maybe because I could close my eyes and replay Max getting Fucked over and over.  Or maybe it was just because I adore a nice ass!  
             I got home and decided that my Hole needed some attention.  I sat on the floor and slid one of my trusty dildos deep inside.  And just pounded myself. Damn it felt so good.   Sometimes I think I play Top too often,and forget how much I enjoy being a Bottom.


  1. My,my! you do have a lovely Butt!

  2. It's amazing what meditation can do for the libido.

  3. I'm only top!!! I prefer suck and being sucked. Love your posts!

  4. This evening I decided to visit the bath house and enjoy being a gay man. I enjoyed sucking many cocks, eating ass and got my fair share of cum. I sit here feeling the after glow of having my ass fucked and considering getting fucked again. I need to learn the enjoyment of topping, but I can't get pass the pleasure of bottoming


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