Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Twos for Tuesday!

His Balls were rather big.  His Dick was rather long. His Hole was rather tasty. 
 His underarms were very sweaty. His Pubic Bush was very full. His Furry Hole was very tight.
  He was hot. He was ready. He was mine for the moment. 
  The restroom stall was dirty. The walls were covered in grime. The floor was sort of wet. 
 The place smelled of Urine & Cum. 
  He dropped his shorts. 
He fingered his hole. He took Da Dick O'Mine deep in his mouth.
  He is on the toilet with legs in the air. 
 I slide in.  He yelps. 
I push deeper. He squeals. 
I pump away. He is super hard now and pre cumming. 
There is a knock on the stall door. 
 Someone is looking over the top of the door. 
 Da Dick O'Mine pulls out of this furry hole.
 Condom on the floor.  
I am again in his mouth giving him a long full load.  
He shoots his load in the air.
A perfect 4AM encounter!


  1. I'm liking the new look.
    Sex in a restroom again? You go!

  2. 4 AM - Too early (or late) for me, that's for sure. Maybe in my younger days, but now... ***yawn*** :-)

  3. A very expressive poem - really love your writing capturing the moment. Wishing you a great day. Cheers, AOM

  4. You are an inpiration to all of older gay men.


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