Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Dicks

                Good morning my friends!  I sure hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I really did.  It was sad to know that Max was leaving town, but I think I gave him a great farewell party.  if you did not read yesterday's post, go back and read all about the Fuck Party.  There was one guy at the party that Max had invited that I had never met.  After watching how much fun he had Pounding Max's Ass Hole...I knew I needed to get to know this guy better.  He is sure different than my other fuck buddies..And I am hoping to get to taste his Dick and lick on his hole... just he and I.  
             I don't care what anyone else says.... you can  never have too many Dicks in your life.  The more regular Dicks you have to play with the better off you are.  Well, for me anyway.  I talked with this new guy yesterday afternoon and I am sure we are going to hook up.  He admited that he had never, ever Fucked some one while others were watching. And he found it to be an amazing turn on.
         So here is my Monday Question for you.... Do you like to be watched while you are having sex?


  1. It sounds like you had an awesome time - and got to meet a new fuck-buddy. Sex in front of others is a total turn-on. Why, I don't really know because it is such a normal, natural thing. I suppose it could be from the negative attitudes pounded into our brains by society. You know, the "forbidden fruit" kind of thing. But, regardless, getting my nut with a bunch of guys is terrific!

  2. about your question, my answer is: not particularly but remember that I participate to orgies, then there are people who see me having sex. If I find someone I like so much, I prefer a secluded place with him for sex.

  3. I love having sex while being watched, just as long as there are no cameras involved


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