Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Morning!

            Hi guys!  I hope your Sunday morning has been good so far.   I've just been relaxing here,trying to get this day started.  As I sit here and look around my living room...I know I need to clean up the place after last night's Party.  But just sitting here rubbing on my Dick seems like a much better idea.
         So......Last night's party........It was was was a total cum filled event!!!
         As each of the 5 "guests" arrived. they left their pants at the door. So, everyone was just in their undies.  We had drinks and waited for the arrival of the reason for the party...Dear Sweet, loveable Max.  He surprised us all when he entered wearing just a bathrobe. He thanked every one for being there to say good bye to him. Then he dropped his robe... he was wearing only a Black & White sparkly leather thong!   And announced "Ok guys..I am ready to be Fucked like crazy..who is first"
      And so it went.... I am sure the Max's Butt hole must be quite soar this morning.  But I gotta tell you he totally had a great time. At different times he was either laughing or screaming.  Of course it was not one Fuck right after the other...he spaced himself.  By the time the evening was over, he was in tears as he said his farewell to all of us. 
     I guess you are wondering why his brother Marc was not mentioned... he was not invited, Max did not want him there..Marc knew about the party and was ok with it.  They are spending the next three days alone at a hotel for their private good bye, I need to start cleaning up this place!  Did I mention my entire apartment smells like Cum & Beer!

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  1. scent of seeed!!! sign of pleasure, isn't it? happy sunGAY and new week!!!


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