Friday, May 1, 2015

Randy called last night.

             I heard there is a sex party tomorrow night and I want to go. 
 Up near where Josh lives. He invited me.
  Josh? I have not seen him in ages. 
 You want to go with me? $50 to get in. He said last time he went he has so much fun. 
 Yeah, sure.. I remember Josh has a beautiful Butt and a fat Dick.
  Oh yes he does, and he said these parties get rather raunchy. 
 Ah! Sounds just like what I was looking for this weekend. 
 I gather there are usually guys your age and a few younger guys.  It is at a private house with a secluded pool in the back. 
 Sounds perfect.!  
I'll pick you up around 7?   


  1. Oh, hell yeah! Sounds like a good time and I'd be on that in a NY minute!

  2. some rent booys are worth of money!
    happy saturGAY!


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