Thursday, April 30, 2015

A little bit of Trash

               Good morning!  So glad to see you decided to drop your pants and visit here for a little while.  I know your pants are down, because so many of you have emaild me and said how you enjoy reading my blog while rubbing on your wonderful piece of manhood. 
             I have a major busy day at work today,so to give me the extra energy..I had 5 cups of coffee this morning....and I stopped by that neighbor guy who sucks Dicks in the morning.  Nothing better than a quick Cum in the morning to get me going!  It is so cool that this guy just leaves his front door unlocked and whoever wants it gets their Dick sucked.  He does not do anything else all morning, just sits there in his comfortable chair and sucks and swallows Cum!  He never asks for money...but he does have a little bucket by the door, which usually is full of $5 bills. 
          Ok, my photos today are mostly about the mood I am in.... I feel real trashy. More than  just slutty...really trashy!  I do not care what any one says... once in awhile getting down and dirty and super trashy is just what we need.  I may be a practicing Buddhist... but damn... a good spray of Piss down my chest or a big fat dirty Dick to lick on..... well.... you get the picture.
      So my question is.... how trashy do you get while sexing? Come on now..leave a comment and let us all know.  I see by the stats that I usually have an average of around 800 page views guys PLEASE leave a comment today!


Ok Horny guys, leaving a message lets me know what you think.
OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!