Monday, May 25, 2015

Saturday at the pool party

               Good afternoon my friends!   To those of you in the USA..I hope you are enjoying this Memorial Day Weekend.   So..... I guess you want to know all about yesterday's Nude Pool Party.  
OK.....  pull up your chair & pull down your pants.  
              Waiter Guy & Marc went with me.  And our Chubby buddy met us there. The house was about an hour out of town and to our surprise totaly empty of furniture!  The host & his partner had just moved in and only had furnished thier bedroom so far.  But the pool area in the back yard was amazing!  The house sits right on the bay, so not only was there a beautiful pool but a dock on the bay. The entire yard was lined with tall palm treess and a high fence..... so the nude thing was no problem.
          By the time we arrived the party was in full swing.  A Guy in a tiny thong met us at the door and told us where to leave our clothes and then directed us to the back yard.
         There were steaks & burgers on the grill. A hugh table filled with salads and veggies. A fully stocked Bar and  at least 4 Beautiful Long Dicked Bartenders.   There were buckets here and there filled with condoms and lube packages.  There was even a large outdoor bed off to one side among all the regular lounge chairs.  
         There were around 15 or so guys there, most of them were naked.  I was still sort of tired from the night before so first thing I did was grab a vodka and flopped on one of the lounge chairs. I'll tell you the truth..I think I dozed of for a minute or two... only to be awoken by Chubby Guy sucking on my Dick.
       There is no need to go into details of went on the rest of the afternoon.  If you have been to this type of party then you know there was lots of Sucking and Fucking going on.  But the highlight really was when it started to get dark and everyone sort of gathered around to watch those 4 bartenders fuck eachother on that large bed.  One of them opened his hole and took 2 Dicks at one time while the other one pissed on him.  At this poing Marc could not resist getting into their action and slipped his mouth right under the pissing bartender and enjoyed a drink! 
    Me?  Yes I had fun!  The best was this rather large hairy bear cub who kept calling me Daddy and would deposit his Cum on me each time he got sucked off by another guy.  
    It was around midnight when we left.... it was interesting, because neither Waiter guy nor Marc said much on the ride home.

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