Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

                 Good morning!   Well...back to work today.  I hope you had as wonderful weekend as I did.   You would have thought that after all the Cum I had at the pool party on Sunday that I would have been satisfied.  But yesterday all I kept thinking about was how much more Cum I really wanted.  So, I am thinking.... do I want some random guy to Cum on me.... or do I want the taste of some Cum that I know.   So... I called Chubby Guy to see what he was up to.  To my delight he told me that he was planning on heading to the beach with a couple of his mates.  I asked him if he thought any of them might like to be sucked off.  He laughed!   "they are young guys, of course".
                 So the plans were made.  After they finished at the beach all 4 of them came to my apartment.  And like the good old slut that I can be.  I sat there and sucked each and every one of them.  And drank up all their young guy Cum.  Something tells me that this getting older thing really is not so bad.

1 comment:

  1. I envy you for all the milk you got!

    as you can see here


    I'm mad for cum!


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