Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Sermon........ His manly scent.

                You awake and roll over and your nose is super sensitive.  His sweaty underarms knock you over with their incredible manly scent.  His damp hair on the back of his neck is curled and musty.  
You touch his lips, you taste his tongue.... his breath is a little sour and yet sweet from last night's vodka.You slide your nose and tongue down to the fur on his chest...his nipples are hard, the ring is cold and metallic. 
              You slowly move down to the slightly chubby belly, there is a puddle of sweat filling his belly button. You lick it is very salty.   Soon your nose reaches the glorious full pubic bush. It to is damp with nightly sweat.  And the scent....the scent....OMG the scent.  You linger there and take it all in.  It is a mixture of his special scent and the mingleing of his & your dried cum.
            And then you reach his old slightly torn Calvins.  They are stained with piss & a tiny amount of shit.  A totally heady scent, a total man smell.  You pull out his still sleeping and soft Cut Dick.  And you can't can't resist that drop of pre cum oozing from the slit in his Dick head.
           And those Balls! Those full low hanging Balls...they are wet, they are salty,they fill your mouth.  Oh.. your tongue runs down to his furry hole, his dazzling hole!  The sublime scent of that hole, the magnificent taste of that hole. Your tounge is deep inside..... 
........ah! He is waking up. Oops!.... he farts.... not the best scent, but it is his!  


  1. This has got to be one of the best post you have ever written...I just love it.

  2. Excellent "dissertation" on smell, professor....and so right on! You truly write well and know exactly how to inject a totally appropriate bit of humor at the "end" - shall we say - for a perfect wrap up! ...and of course outstanding images to accompany the sermon!

  3. love me too smells, but I prefer tastes of his skin, and his dick & cum.
    tongue much more than nose!

    enjoy my last post:

    happy new week

  4. When will you have nad enjoy an uncut dude in your bed? You will deiscovr new pleasures.....


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