Saturday, May 30, 2015

Weekend plans are made.

               Good morning!  Well.... I need to take the time here and welcome the new readers.  I hope you understand the drill.  When you log onto my blog, you should drop your pants and feel free to rub on your beautiful Dick.   And my friends, your Dick is Beautiful!  Today might be a good day to admire how wonderful your Dick really is.  It also might be a good day to take your Dick out for the afternoon and show some guy exactly how much fun a Dick can be.
              I'm taking Da Dick O'Mine over to Randy's this afternoon.  I have not seen him in ages and he has a new boyfriend that he wants me to meet.  He jokingly told me I could even taste this  guy's Dick to give my approval!  And you are thinking that I would turn down that must be kidding!
             And this evening, I am going with William and his Blue Haired Twink to see a Performance Art Piece at a friend of William's home.  I gather it is some sort of Gay Erotic Dance piece.
             And tomorrow.....Chubby Guy is bringing a newbie recruit for me to meet. 
         It is very interesting to me that all of my good Fuck Buddies often want me to meet the new guys that they are sexing with.  I guess they must value this old Queer's opinion.


  1. enjoy your sunGAY as I'll try to do myself!

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