Sunday, June 14, 2015

..... In my opinion

               Good morning all my friends!  Thanks for joining me for a little chat today.
        Have you ever wondered why some guys are so shy about being naked?   I do not understand that at all.  There is nothng more liberating than shedding all your clothes, and proudly let anyone see what you have hanging between your legs.
        Have you ever wondered why some guys only enjoy being a top? I do not understand that either.
I gather some of those guys are afraid that shoving a Dick in there will hurt.  Sure it hurts....but hurst so good! And if done right and his Dick hits your prostate...the fireworks go off in your head.
       Have you ever wondered why some guys will not swallow your cum? Here is another one I don't get. Here is a guy willing to share with you his most presicious fluid, and you turn your head and refuse it.... I think that is just unfair to him.
       Have you ever wondered why some guys will not even consider Fucking some guy you just met?
I do agree that the more often you do the sexing thing with the same guy, the more fun it gets. But as far as I am concerned... the most joyous thing about being a gay man is that Sexing with a total stranger is what keeps me centered.   Yes I said centered!  
      This Sexing thing is one of the most important tools we have to make sure we stay healthy. 
   Again this all is just my opinion.... of course we all handle our sex lives differently....just make  sure you are doing whatever you feel you should be doing.........and most importantly........make sure you cum often.


  1. You are so free and comfortable with sexing. I thought I was comfortable with it but you take it to another level. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I was very shy during my teenage, but now i'm absolutely ok with my nudity. We change!!!


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