Sunday, June 7, 2015

It is just a lazy Sunday

               Hello my friends!  Thanks for stopping by to see what is up here at Queer Heaven.  The truth is that I am planning a very laid back quiet Sunday.  I tried really hard to  do some major Fucking yesterday at the Turkish Baths.  It did not happen! For some reason the place was mostly empty. I did suck on one super fat Dick..he was not into shoving it up my butt, so I sucked him dry and went on my way to the pool and promptly took a long nap.  
             Randy and I spent the evening drinking Vodka & eating Shrimps in our underwear. And since I was totally feeling like playing bottom.... Randy did what he does best... Topping like pornstar.   He really gets into it!  One thing I love to do while my legs are in the air over my head as he is pumping away...... is to watch his face & watch how he is almost laughing in enjoyment. And when he pulls out and lets loose his load...he most always yells " oh yeah man!"
             Well, my friends...I hope you enjoy your Sunday and drop by here again soon.


  1. Great set of images, QH! #3 - Greek Love the ass! Cute ass on the last shot , too! :-)

  2. Scott said...

    Man, I wish there were some Turkish baths in this homophopic town that I live in. Though I do play at the gym, but just have to be very very careful. Also I go to sex parties, which I have a GREAT time. I love sucking cock, and eating man-ass:)

    Some awesome pics today, especially, the adorable young man, with that THICK cock, ( 13th from the "top" or 3rd from the" bottom")... love to try and suck that python:)


  3. fantastic post! very interesting text!

    enjoy my last post

    happy mongay & new week


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